Protected  Trust Deeds

What are Protected Trust Deeds?

A Protected Trust Deed is legislation, brought in by the Scottish Government and is available to anyone who lives in Scotland. A Trust Deed is an alternative to Sequestration – also known as bankruptcy. A Trust Deed lets people who are unable to pay their debts a manageable, reduced monthly payment, with some of the debt legally written off. (this is what is known as debt forgiveness). A trust deed will typically last four years (5 years is an option depending on your situation).

Your Trust Deed is supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner. The practitioner is responsible for all negotiations with your creditors and also to ensure you keep up with your payments towards your Trust Deed. Once the trust deed is protected, all future interest is legally frozen and the creditors are no longer allowed to contact you with nasty phone calls or letters through the mail.

Write Off Unsecured Debts

Legally write off up to 50% of your unsecured debts.

Debt Free in 4 years

You can be debt free in as little as four years.

Interest Frozen

Your interest on the debts will be legally frozen.


  • No More Hassle

    We deal with the creditors on your behalf.

  • One Monthly Payment

    We reduce your monthly outgoing payments into one simple payment.

  • No Legal Action

    Your creditors can’t take any legal action for any outstanding debt.

  • Privacy

    Positions of employment and future employment are unaffected.


  • Unsecured Only

    Only unsecured debts can be included.

  • Educated Decision

    The arrangement is binding on you and your creditors.

  • Decision not Guaranteed

    Your creditors are not obliged to accept a proposal for a trust deed.

  • May not Get Credit

    Depending on your credit score you may not get accepted for credit during the Trust Deed.