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Who are Collins Morgan?

Collins Morgan is a family-run company, founded by Kristofer Day who has over 12 years’ experience working within Scottish debt solutions and has always been extremely passionate on helping individuals and families regain control of their finances.

We have a team of experienced and friendly advisers who specialise in using official legislated processes to get you back in control of your finances.

We have helped thousands of Scottish residents out of debt and plan to help thousands more so why not become one of them. Get in touch today on 0141 218 4450 to start the process.

Money issues can be extremely stressful and creditors can be ruthless in pursuing debts. If you are in this situation then contact Collins Morgan. We can help.

We analyse your situation, explore all of your available solutions and then explain your options to you in clear, simple and jargon free terms.

If you are experiencing debt problems and are looking for help then look no further than Collins Morgan. Give us a call on 0141 218 4450,  or fill in our Debt Calculator and one of our experienced experts will be in touch soon to start the process fo getting you back on a sound financial footing.

Our Philosophy

Financial issues can be complicated and daunting. This is the reason Collins Morgan exists and why thousands of Scottish customers have come to us already. We pledge to always deliver clear and easy to understand advice and solutions to your problems, it’s our job.

We know how stressful dealing with debt can be and our team are experienced and understanding. We do not judge, we merely help. Our staff are also trained to offer support for the stress financial issues can bring so you can contact us in confidence.

Our service

Each individual’s situation is unique, but with an armoury of debt solutions at our disposal we have plenty of options with which to get you back on track financially. A brief description of the main types of debt and the main solutions we can use can be found here. Whatever your situation, we can tailor a personalised solution that is perfectly suited to you.

Our extensive experience and expertise, coupled with our drive and commitment, make us the perfect fit for returning your finances to normal, reducing the resultant stress and getting you back to enjoying life to the full.

We also have connections with a wide range of popular creditors and our proven track record helps us access debt plans that may be rejected if suggested by other debt relief companies.

We are based near Glasgow Airport, our debt experts are waiting to help you. So, to get help with your debts and have a team of experienced staff ready to deal with your creditors on your behalf, contact Collins Morgan today.